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Traveling west on Del Paso Road right before Town Center I saw two street lights that had black boxes about 6″x6″ attached about 12′ high. They look like some type of camera and a red light flashes in the upper right-hand corner when traffic passes. Do you have any idea what those are?

“The black boxes in question are the City’s radar detection devices. They are used to detect vehicles in the mid-rear range, and are used to evaluate whether or not a signal time should be extended or not. These boxes replace the loops that are cut into the street, and save on street maintenance wear and tear – increasing the streets longevity. They are very common in the north area.”

-Daniel Roth, District Director
Office of Councilmember Raymond L. Tretheway


  1. They’re NOT radar detectors… Sheesh. They’re cameras. Everything else is accurate though. I have seen these systems up close and personal — the systems are trained to react when an object is detected in a particular spot on the road.

  2. I agree with Keith, It’s not a radar detector. It’s a camera for safety and security purpose i would think.

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