Developing Story: Rental Scam Hits Natomas?

A NATOMAS BUZZ reader wrote in to tell us two police cars and a News 10 satellite truck at 3700 Clubside Drive (in The Shores development, parallel to the Westlake clubhouse).

The concerned citizen called News 10 to see what was up, and apparently there was a rental scam at the house. According to the News 10 reporter that particular house had been vacant (foreclosed) for at least the last 2 years, but apparently a scam went down where someone claimed ownership of it and started “renting” it out to tenants for $1500 a month. Apparently the tenants just found out the “owners” really didn’t own it.

Click here for the News 10 story, here for the KCRA 3 story, and here for the Sac Bee coverage.

Thanks, J.B. for the tip!

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