Seen In The Neighborhod: Signs Of The Times

Local businesses are lookin’ for some love… THE BUZZ has noticed recently sign spinners and more traditional street “spam” have given way to some newer forms of advertisement here in Natomas. Straw Hat Pizza on East Commerce has constructed is own sign directing potential customers to the eatery whereas the owners of a shopping center on Truxel Road have installed an electronic billboard to draw in the peeps.


  1. I know the city has serious sign laws on buildings, what are the codes for these pretty pathetic signs that look like a 5th grader did. They should be removed, including the electric one on Truxel. Times are hard, but they cause blight.

  2. I personally feel sorry for some of these guys….. I’ve seen the Straw Hat Pizza signs and have been in the restaurant too. Nice place but they’re surrounded by bankrupt construction projects. I’d hate to see some of these new local businesses go under because people didn’t know they were there, but I agree we don’t want it to get out of hand.

  3. I personally think that wining won’t get you anywhere, they are signs… That’s all. Not like anyone is forcing you to look or to go to the restaurants. Let’s keep the signs, they aren’t hurting anyone.

  4. The Straw Hat sign when up when the construction fence came down letting people turn left there to get to the parking lot instead of right to get to the other restaurants.

    The electronic sign is most likely governed by the landlord (who appears to have sponsored it). The city’s sign restrictions cover height and number on a building but don’t cover ground level signs on private property. They may care that it’s electronic but really… why do we care? If it keeps those little businesses on the backside afloat, then fabulous!

  5. I guess most of the people don’t care if hundreds of real estate and church signs litter the roads and on most every intersection hoards of people wave a sign in your face and dance like clowns, and now cheap signs made with house paint seem ok to everybody, it is not whining, it’s wanting higher standards for the community.

  6. Natomas Resident who Hates Street Spam says

    Check out — Citizens Against Ugly Street Spam

    Last year I drove around around North Natomas several times, yanking street spam where I could find it. I estimate pulling about 250 such signs over several weekends.

    There are many legal/legitimate forms of advertising. I realize times are tough and businesses are suffering, but that’s no excuse for breaking the law and trashing our community in the process.

    The solution is to pull the signs as soon as we see them. The sooner we throw them away, the less effective they are and the less likely the person will reoffend.

  7. Your feelings for sympathy towards the business that put up the signs are well founded. But… your not thinking of the business that are being hurt by these unfair signs. These signs are not just randomly placed around Natomas for your viewing pleasure. They are placed near their competitors that they feel they need to redirect business from. Businesses pay rent based on location, location, and location.

    These signs are a unfair way of advertising, almost like the days when hotdog carts where camping out in front of restaurants.

    I think regulations should be enforced and these signs taken down!

  8. The previous comment (9:16 AM) is is spot on. I have noticed that most of the “pizzaria in question” illegal and blightful signs are near other pizza restaurants and are obviously an effort to siphon business away from competitors. I think that is shameful.

    I’d like to give a plug to Round Table Pizza at Market West (Arena Blvd. at Stemmler Drive). They hospitably host our meetings and have contributed food, drink, swag, and services for community events. The owners and their staff understand the concept of community! WRCA is fortunate to have the support of Round Table. Show some appreciation to them by paying them a visit. I’ll be there in 30 minutes!!

    Keith Sharward, Co-founder and Board Member
    Witter Ranch Community Alliance

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