In The News: Wacky, But True

Not one Sactown media outlet could resist reporting on the Natomas thief who led police right to his own front door, and subsequent arrest. THE BUZZ isn’t sure whether the tale is funny, pathetic or both.

An excerpt from story:

Sacramento police say they responded to an alarm at the Food Stop store in Natomas early in the morning on New Year’s day. When officers arrived they found that the business had been broken into and several items taken.

That’s also when they noticed a trail of popcorn. Officers followed the trail of clues to an apartment complex behind the store and to the door of one unit. When officers knocked, they noticed the popcorn kernels continued inside the apartment. Officers found the stolen property inside.


  1. Just so everyone is aware, the “apartment complex” that the popcorn was trailed to is actually a group of townhomes built by DR Horton. Ironically enough, the HOA does not permit renting.

  2. This story is SO wacky, that media outlets as far as Hawaii and Tennessee are picking it up!

  3. Wonderful…this does nothing to improve our “cow-town” image. KJ…help!

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