Coming Soon to Creekside: Tugboat Fish & Chips

By Keith

Regulars at Town Center in Creekside (Safeway, Rite Aid, Hollywood Video, etc.) have seen the banner announcing the imminent arrival of Tugboat Fish & Chips at the northeastern end of the plaza, and I’m someone who has been eagerly anticipating the opening, having been a regular at other Tugboat locations in the Sacramento area.

My experience as a loyal Tugboat patron began in 2001 when I mentioned the lack of decent fish and chips in Sacramento to a coworker. “Have you been to Tugboat?” he asked. When I confessed I had not been, he described what I had been missing and I made a point of checking one out after that.

I no longer bemoan the lack of decent fish and chips in Sacramento! In fact, there’s only been one better fish and chips experience I’ve had, and that was in Maui (it was Mulligans on the Blue if you must know). Second to that is Tugboat and I am really looking forward to having one of those in our back yard!

I peeked through their windows today, and it looks they’re on the verge of opening. They’ve done a really nice job with the decor and furnishings. Open. Open! OPEN!!!

If you like fish and chips, you’ll love Tugboat when they open their doors — and if you think you don’t like fish, I hope you’ll give them a try anyway, because you might be surprised!

Besides, with the number of restaurants we’ve lost in Natomas in the past year, I really want this one to succeed — don’t you?

Keith is a longtime Natomas resident (and faithful NATOMAS BUZZ reader).


  1. I’m not a big fish and chips person, but I wish ’em luck. Lord knows they’re going to need it.

  2. I have to admit, I am excited!!! Can’t wait, actually! I hope this business makes it. Does anyone know when they are opening?

  3. I heard that they might open Wednesday, January 7th, if not within that week. They had a “soft” opening last week. My friend said it was tasty! The menu looks amazing!

  4. They’re open now, and based on what I saw this past Saturday, it seems they’re doing a fair amount of business in their first week!

  5. Looks like they’re dead now.

  6. I am looking forward to OO7 Fish and chips off of Truxel and Reno 80, British people running that place with a great menu. Not a chain either, can’t wait.

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