What The… !?!?!?

NATOMAS BUZZ reader Tracy spotted a small sign on the Raley’s play care that they’ll be shutting permanently on Jan. 3.

THE BUZZ promptly rang up Mike Bodwell, store manager at the Raley’s on Natomas Boulevard, who confirmed the closure as “disappointing.” He also told us the playcare at the Bel Air store on Arena will close the same day.

“The company has closed quite a few play cares throughout the company and this was the next one in line,” said a remorseful sounding Bodwell. “I know it was a valued service. This was not my choice.”

Bodwell says the company line for closing is “low usage.”

Apparently, Raley’s Family of Fine Stores felt those resources being used in playcare could be used to “better serve customers in other areas.”

Oh, like standing in a group at the self-service check out line conversating? Yeah, that’s helpful…


  1. Perhaps it’s time for a boycott?

    One less reason to pay higher prices at Raley’s when they seem to expect you to scan your own groceries now.

    Perhaps they can be convinced to keep one day care in the area open a few hours a day for those with several young children? BAS

  2. I think it’s a sign of the times. Groceries run on a very slim profit margin overall. The first things to go are conveniences.

    But, as to the congregatin’? Yeah, they do it everywhere, don’t they?

  3. I actually enjoy using the self scanners. It is fun and I don’t have 500 employees asking me what my plans are for the day!

  4. My husband works with many grocery stores and the gossip heard is Raley’s/Bel Air looking to close 40 or so stores. I sure hope not any in Natomas and really hope it’s just unfounded rumors!

  5. Let’s hope it’s just the play centers that are closing! While at Borders recently, I heard a rumor that the Raley’s there was also struggling.

  6. I love the Raleys. I am fine with not having child care. Too many kids anyway. Save our Raleys!

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