Some Tips For The Holidays

Just a few quick things to think about this time of year:

  • Be careful about unknowingly advertising Christmas gifts in your house. So don’t over stuff your recycling can with empty gift packaging; a plasma TV or computer box sticking up in plain view is a beacon to would-be burglars that you have stuff worth stealing. Also, don’t put your waste cans out until the morning of your scheduled pickup. That will limit the opportunities for would-be burglars to examine their contents.
  • If you’re going away for the holidays, avoid putting your cans out several days in advance, or leaving them out for days after; that tells a burglar that nobody’s home.
  • When out shopping or running errands, avoid parking next to occupied vehicles; the occupants may be waiting for someone (like you) to rob. Don’t park next to vans or other large vehicles where robbers (or worse) may be hiding unseen.
  • Don’t leave ANYTHING in your car in plain view; hide stuff in the trunk or take it with you. When hiding stuff in your trunk, be aware of who’s watching you; if possible, hide the stuff BEFORE you get to your destination.
  • And finally… REPRESENT the season! Be courteous, smile, say “hi” to neighbors and strangers alike. Go out of your way to show a little kindness. Let that other driver merge in front of you. Be HAPPY!

Merry Christmas to you all!

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