Heard: WRCA Seeks Nominations

Happy Holidays!

Elections for the WRCA board of representatives will be held at the general meeting on Jan. 26, but first we need to nominate active WRCA members for the five board positions that are available. Nominations will be accepted through Jan. 19, but I encourage you to submit them as soon as possible.

You may nominate any active WRCA member, including yourself, by e-mailing me at judah at WitterRanchCo mmunity dot org or by speaking with me at the next general meeting this coming Monday, Dec. 29.

I will treat nominations as confidential (i.e., individuals who submit nominations will not be identified), but I will contact those nominated to make sure they accept being considered for election. If you know the e-mail address or phone number of the person you are nominating, please include that information with the nomination you submit to me so that I can contact the candidate directly.

I will briefly explain the election process at the upcoming meeting this Monday, Dec. 29. The anonymous ballots used for the election will include a space for write-in candidates, but here again each candidate must be an active member and be willing to serve on the board of representatives.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions you might have, or better yet, bring them up at the meeting on Monday because someone else will likely have a similar question.

Judah, WRCA co-founder
judah at WitterRanchCo mmunity dot org

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