Heard In Natomas

  • All merchandise at the BORDERS bookstore is now marked down 40%. Books not sold will be shipped to other stores, all paper products such as stationary must go…
  • Despite rumors to the contrary, sources tell us there currently are NO PLANS to close the Raley’s grocery store on Natomas Boulevard. We are told, however, that the store “is hurting” and is “laying off people.” Also, the U.S. Postal Service mail counter in the store may close. Sources tell us that the delay in having the services, months AFTER the sign went up outside the store, had customers seeking mail services elsewhere…
  • Another volunteer training session is in the works for the North Natomas Resource Center for January; we hear THIS one will actually be held in Natomas…


  1. Thanks for posting this. Natomas residents, we have an opportunity to keep our businesses and services by shopping locally. It’s up to us to make sure we don’t end up with a bunch of empty store fronts.

  2. On the one hand it’s amazing that Raley’s is “hurting” — with the exception of early mornings every time I’ve gone in there it’s been pretty busy. On the other hand, I can see why they’d be in trouble because they charge so much more than Safeway.

    I go to Safeway mostly because of proximity, but if the two were side by side I’d probably skip Raley’s because they’re more expensive.

    Still, it’d be a shame to see Raley’s go. I remember moving here 6 years ago and having to go all the way to that skanky Albertson’s (which I believe is now a skanky SaveMart) on Truxel.

  3. Safeway is much cheaper than Raley’s, and I don’t see that the extra service that many feel they get at Raley’s is worth the premium. That said, I like Raley’s (and the Bel Air here on the west side is even better), but I hit Safeway for the deals. If I need a good beer or a premium ingredient I’ll hit Bel Air, but for most things, Safeway rules.

    Although remembering the “good old days” of having to go to the Albertson’s down south makes me glad we’ve got choices now.

  4. From our family price checking, Raley’s is not more expensive. Safeway tends to mark up non-sale items and then mark them down on “sale”. However, they do not honor their sale prices for less than the advertised quantity. For example, if Raley’s has 2 for $5- you will get one for $2.50 if you only buy one. For Safeway, you have to buy two to get the deal. Same with their 10 for $10 they run often. From my opinion, it’s not a sale if you mark it up extra so you can put it on “sale” and then force customers to buy warehouse quantities!

    Raley’s and Safeway are both more expensive than Walmart or Target. Often all four are more expensive than Amazon.

  5. Raley’s is a Sacramento-based company, that is one more reason to support it.

  6. I personally don’t care for Safeway. I don’t feel very safe in that parking lot or the store. The staff (IMO) are not pleasant or helpful. I agree about the sale switcheroo as well. I don’t feel the prices are any higher at Raley’s, although everything has gotten more expensive. Target used to have the BEST prices, but they have gotten much higher as well. Trixie

  7. Ive NEVER seen Safeway advertise something at 2 for $$ and then charge more than half for one of that item.

    Raleys offer only ONE ‘service’ that distinguishes themselves from Safeway and that is unloading the cart. They USED to have child watching services, but that is dead now.

  8. Safeway always does the 2 for $$ and if you don’t buy 2 you pay the regular price for the 1 item…I know, I’ve made the mistake more than once.

  9. just for the record…I was in Safeway LAST NIGHT and I looked at about 75 2 for $$ specials and ALL of them listed that 1 of the item was available for HALF of the 2 for price. Whoever is saying that Safeway charges more for one item that is on sale at a 2 for $$ price is just plain wrong.

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