Guide To Recycling Your Holiday Trash

Many of the things used around the holidays can be reused or recycled.

Reuse items such as ribbons, bows and boxes. Recycle items such as wrapping paper (not including foil paper), plastic toy packaging, shipping cartons, greeting cards, bottles and cans.

Remember! Christmas trees will be picked up according to your loose-in-the-street collection schedule. Free Christmas tree drop-off locations can be found at

Small quantities of leftover fats, oils and grease can be put into a soup can, wrapped in a plastic bag and placed in your garbage container. Large quantities can be recycled. Let cool, pour into sealable containers and take them to the Sacramento Recycling and Transfer Station, 8491 Fruitridge Road.

For more information, call 808-5454 or click here.

Source: City of Sacramento Department of Utilities

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