Final Push For Fort Natomas Rebuild Needed

If you’d like to be one of the first people on the playground, please come to the final “work day” next Saturday, Dec. 6. Work will begin at 8 a.m. and will likely continue all day.

Work which needed to be done: finish the fence, adjust some balusters, close up some unnecessary openings, install the Monster pictures, mirrors, bench seat backs and saddle spinner, place a few missing screws or lags here and there and inspect the entire area of raised screws. There is plenty of work to keep at least 20 to 30 adults busy.

After work is finished on Saturday, the playground must pass a safety inspection in order to be opened to the public. Please come out to help!

Already done:

  • The landscape has been placed at the entrance and all around Fort Natomas.
  • Construction crews have finished pouring the new rubberized surface in the Tot Lot area, note all the new benches.
  • The new Super Nova is next to the new enhanced pirate ship, notice the bright blue water. Back are favorites like the wavy slide and tube curve slide, plus the octagon tower.
  • The new climbing wall with the rubberized surface.
  • The entire center area has the new rubberized surface.

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