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  1. Lisa Kaplan, NUSD Trustee says

    Hello Community:

    On behalf of Natomas Rotary, we hope that you can join in on the spirit of giving to our schools. Beginning Tomorrow, Natomas Rotary, joined with the Natomas Barnes & Noble to add needed books to our Natomas Schools’ libraries. Each school in the district gave our club a list of needed books, that list is now at Natomas Barnes & Noble.

    Here is how the book drive works:
    1) Go to Natomas Barnes & Noble,
    2) Ask for the Book Wish List from the Natomas school you want to help,
    3) Pick a book from the list Natomas Rotary received from each of the school libraries,
    4) Buy the book,
    5) Barnes & Noble will hold onto the book until the end of the holiday season, and
    6) At the end of the holiday season Natomas Rotary will pick up the books and deliver them to each of the schools

    On a side note, if you would like to donate any used books to our libraries, that would be great too! If our libraries can use the donated books they will, but if not, Natomas Rotary will pick up the books they can not use in our libraries and redistribute the books to worthy and needy organizations in Natomas.

    Happy Holidays and thank you for all that you do for our Natomas kids.

    All my best,

    Lisa Kaplan
    Trustee, Natomas School Board

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