In The News: Shoppers Be Safe, Not Sorry

by Angelique Ashby

I saw this story on KCRA 3 tonight – it fits well within a few of the topics that have been discussed over the past week on the various networks in Natomas.

This story is about being safe while shopping – not being a victim. It is also a discussion of where to shop – which area malls are safest.

Sometimes I worry that because we all have so much access to the information about crimes in our community that hearing about it all the time will make us think it is worse than it is.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not okay with 13 and 14 year olds holding up a dry cleaners or 17 year olds locking folks in the trunk of their car…

But remember that the sales tax you pay in Sacramento goes back to Sacramento – it pays for more police officers and fire fighters and youth programs.

So that being said I am always looking for opportunities to share good news or to find areas we can be proud of as Natomas and sometimes Sacramento residents.

This story includes stats on crime rates at three major area malls – Roseville, Arden & Downtown…

I am willing to bet that the results will be surprising to many people. But my hope is that maybe this will give you one more reason to stay in Sacramento and spend your money in the City.

Its just food for thought – Happy Holidays!

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