Updated: Seen In The Neighborhood

Rumors are circulating that construction in Panhandle have discovered and destroyed several coyote burrows.

A coyote, yes a coyote, was spotted late Saturday night by more than one Regency Park resident.

When THE BUZZ first moved to Natomas seven years ago, sightings such as these were not that unusual.

We were just as likely to spot jackrabbits and pheasants in our backyard.

Nice to know there’s still a little “wild” out here in the ‘burbs.


  1. Yeah, I spotted one at Natomas Field when I was making the Northbound transition from West 80 to North 5. I had to look long and hard (without crashing) to be sure but it was definitely a coyote. Kinda neat to see; I just hope I don’t run into one during evening runs over there.

  2. The poor thing probably had its home destroyed and is just trying to survive. We’ve destroyed so much habitat. Please watch out for these refugees, and teach your kids to appreciate the wildlife we have left.

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