Seen In The Neighborhood

On an evening walk with the little bumble bees… Isn’t it lovely?


  1. Where is this? You know, despite the recent string of crimes, Natomas is still a nice, family friendly community with it’s own natural beauty. My wife and I just recently purchased a second home in North Natomas, an investment in not only Natomas but our community. I only hope city leaders find ways to make this place appeal to others…

  2. The water retention basin in the future regional park (corner of Natomas Blvd and North Park.)

  3. It’s been great to see so many families out and about enjoying the great weather and newly completed landscaping around the Regional Park. Trixie

  4. That is a bucolic scene. On Monday around lunch time there was a group of painters there painting on the grassy bank.. Looked like a painting class was underway.

    Scenes like this remind me that we can make Natomas a wonderful place to live; we are going to have to fight for it.

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