An Update On The Silva Family

The Silva family is waiting for approval on a rental home across from their niece and have plans to rebuild their home on Stilt Court. To date, they have received two truck loads of clothing, furniture, dishes etc. and close to $700 in cash donations, as well as donations for Thanksgiving and pizzas from the community.

The family is still working and going to school as dad is in business for himself, while mom has taken a few weeks off to try to reproduce all of the paperwork that burned up and get things rolling again. They are still quite emotionally overwhelmed, sad and frustrated by the work ahead, but are so grateful for all that everyone is doing.

Below is the “Wish” list from the Witter Ranch website. One thing that is at the top of the list is a computer and printer for the two older girls. Adrianna is in the process of applying for colleges for next year and Edith is currently attending Sac State, both need the computer for school work.

Silva Family Wish List

  • Clothing
  • Jose works in construction and wears large shirts, 34×30 jeans, and large sweatshirts
  • Jackie (3rd grade) wears size 10 clothes and size 3 shoes
  • Adrianna (17) wears adult large clothes and size 8½ shoes
  • Edith (21) wears adult medium clothes and size 7 shoes
  • Beauty supplies and accessories
  • Towels
  • Bedding and blankets
  • School supplies
  • Gift cards
  • Furniture — they are moving into a rental in a few days
  • Computer

Thanks again for all of your support and generosity. It’s truly amazing how the North Natomas community comes together whether we’re fighting crime, pressing politicians for answers or rallying for a family in need!


  1. Does the mom need any clothing or anything else??

  2. Yes she also needs clothes. Her Pant size is 12 Petites, Shirt size is Medium and Shoe size is 7 ½.

    Again, the family would like to pass along many thanks to the community for their support!

    Erik Mason
    Sac North Soccer

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