Volunteers Needed For New Resource Center

The Natomas Police & Community Resource Center is getting closer to opening in the Town Center Shopping Center (Safeway) and volunteers are now being recruited.

The City of Sacramento has committed to having folks present at various times during the week including reps from Neighborhood Services, Code Enforcement, City Council and the Police Department. All these city departments have committed to regularly scheduled times to be in the center to meet with the community.

Community volunteers are needed who will open up the shop, close the shop, hang out, organize an event, help neighbors navigate on-line resources, help file on-line police reports, tutor kids, anything you can think of…

“Do school board members want to have an office hour in the facility, do neighborhood leaders want to have a coffee hour or leadership chat, do youth sports want an hour for leadership meetings, how about firefighters, neighborhood associations, mom’s groups?” asks Angelique Ashby, President of the Creekside Neighborhood Association. “Think about it and send me your ideas, your thoughts and your willingness to volunteer.”

Anyone interested in volunteering to be a part of the Resource Center should contact Angelique Ashby by e-mail.


  1. I’ll volunteer, but only if I get to drive the cop car and club thugs with a night stick.

  2. Angelique Ashby says

    Hhhmmm, well Gadfly, I am sure we can use your assistance in the center, but I bet you have some pretty great skill sets that could help bring the community together (in fact, I am sure of it).

    Would you settle for any of the following:
    – Helping people file on-line police reports.
    – Organizing a safety event.
    – Tutoring some kids after school.
    – Meeting with City entities like code enforcement to bring more of their services to our region.
    – Meeting with local organizers, like me, over some coffee to talk about what is important to you and your neighbors as we continue to build our community network throughout the region.
    – Host a group that meets once a month or so to discuss an issue of your choice(maybe youth programs or outreach to low income apartment units to provide access to Natomas resources).

    Just some ideas…

    If you would like to be added to the volunteer list send me an email(and for the record I truly hope you do because your energy and passion for community improvment is undeniable even if we disagree on the mechanism of manifestation or means of contribution).

    Can’t help it – I like ya!

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