In The News: I Pole Dance Studio

Stay-at-home and moms who work outside the home are finding a new outlet to release their sexy side. As an added bonus, they’re getting fit in the process.

Pole dancing classes are being offered in suburban neighborhoods, like Sacramento’s Natomas area. They are especially popular with stay-at-home moms looking to feel better about themselves.

Lisa Hellmann owns the new I Pole Dance Studio at 2057 Arena Boulevard in North Natomas. She opened her first pole dancing studio in Vacaville, January 1 of this year. Hellmann said it was so successful at that location that she decided to open the second studio in Sacramento.

“It’s kind of a little taboo and I think that makes it a little bit more exciting for women that they’re doing something that’s a little risque,” Hellmann said. “We’re all the same in here. We’re all just normal women.”

Hellmann says she’s never been a stripper, in fact she studied ballet for 10 years.

Busy mom Danielle Garver said it’s something special just for her.

“Sometimes when you’re a mom and you’re running around doing all these things for other people you lose a sense of who you are,” Garver said. “This sort of brings that back out.”


  1. I wonder if they’ll have a contingent performing at next year’s “Celebrate Natomas” event.

    I can just imagine the picture with Tretheway…

  2. Will they be serving beer? mmm MILFS

  3. I am not opposed per say, but did you see the sign along truxel advertising pole dancing lessons…tacky…we didn’t want a Hooters. Not that I opposed per say.

  4. Yes! Along with Hooters (the 2nd in Sac in as many years) Natomas needs to add a juice bar and our transformation into Reno will be complete! I truly hope we don’t come to regret stupid retail decisions like this in 10-15 years (see West Capitol and Jeferson blvd that is only now getting out of bad decisions like this during the 80s and 90s).

    I would rather have another empty retail space than to see this happen. Joe Serna would be embarassed if anyone has lived here long enough to know who that is (No he is not a Kings player). I am personally not doing any shopping in this retail center specifically because of this low-budget, gaudy business. But, hey as long as soccer moms are having fun!!

  5. oh please, get over yourself. They are not getting naked and they are not breaking any laws. The same with Hooters; not naked and not breaking any laws.

  6. That’s a pretty low bar for community standards, anonymous-directly-above. I would never try to run a business like I Pole Dance, Hooters, or the Sultry Sex Talk Vocational Tech Institute out of business or out of town, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think they have a negative impact on how our community is perceived. Why is that important? Let’s see — community pride, attracting families as new residents, attracting family-focused retail, increasing that ever-elusive “quality of life.” Different strokes for different folks to be sure, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it. Fingers crossed, perhaps next we’ll get a couple of decent 24-hour liquor stores, a few check-cashing/payday-loan businesses, and more Section 8. At least no one is getting naked and breaking laws!

  7. What? Sultry Sex Talk Vocational Tech Institute? Now that’s the American Dream!…See anyone can succeed…now where did you say it was??

  8. no one would ever imagine me taking these classes. I am a working mother and that’s my outlet not only add to my fitness routine but allows me to remember what it’s like to be sexy. PLUS it’s really for my hubby so overall I’m glad they offer classes like this, it’s fun and NO we are not naked in any shape or form. T-shirts, shorts and oh yeah occasionally you’ll see someone a tank top …oooooo

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