Dog Park Update

NATOMAS BUZZ reader Lori sent us the following:

Well, I forwarded your inquiry and post to Ray Ray and this afternoon the dogpark is closed and they are repairing the sprinklers. Good work to the person who wrote in and to you for your great photos, which lended credence to the whole thing. Lori

The photos were also sent in by a reader. Looks like initiative can get things done.

How about that?


  1. That is so cool that working together and being proactive created a positive community change.

    Thanks to the Buzz for pulling it all together.

  2. Fort Natomas says

    Thank God..I don’t know what we could do without a properly groomed dog park so our dogs can run and crap…I’m glad to see the city’s priorities are straight as well.. this was an emergency!!! After all there is an election coming up and god knows Fargo needs Natomas votes..

    And cheers to all you active civic leaders who are on top of this very important issue…Since you clearly have Ray’s ear could you write Ray about stopping the crime/shootings and get rid of the gangs? I’m sure he will be on top of it faster than the dog park scandal…

  3. I am not a dog owner, but was wondering how the city is to keep the dog park grass green, I was there today and saw dog do do in a few areas and lord knows the urine generated there. I know it may be irrigation related, does it really make sense to keep an area like that the same as other areas in the parks?? Has anybody seen Burberry Park lately, Ray T. needs a call, that park is in decay, the city is doing nothing to keep it vibrant. Several parks in NP look poorly maintained now, I guess Ray can blame a 200 million dollar deficit.

  4. Fort Natomas says

    “how the city is to keep the dog park grass green”…

    This is EXACTLY why our country is doomed…

    you people are mentally ill

  5. Do something:

    Ray Tretheway
    District 1
    915 – I Street
    Sacramento, CA 95814

  6. Maybe Ray Ray can start the Sacramento Grass Foundation. After all he makes a nice living telling everyone he likes trees. Wow I wish I could get paid 65K a year plus expenses to like trees, I’d hug them every time I made a bank deposit.

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