Check It: To The Geniuses Who Read This Blog & Repeatedly Use The Word "Ghetto"

ghet·to (gt)

n. pl. ghet·tos or ghet·toes

1. A section of a city occupied by a minority group who live there especially because of social, economic, or legal pressure.

2. An often walled quarter in a European city to which Jews were restricted beginning in the Middle Ages.

3. Something that resembles the restriction or isolation of a city ghetto: “trapped in ethnic or pink-collar managerial job ghettoes” Diane Weathers.

[Italian, after Ghetto, island near Venice where Jews were made to live in the 16th century.]


  1. Kat in Regency Park says

    Thanks for pointing out one of my biggest pet peeves. I cringe every time I hear Natomas residents and non-residents refer to our community as the “ghetto”. I’d like to see them have to live in a true ghetto and see what they think about our beautiful community then.

  2. Fort Natomas says

    I think it’s definition number one isn’t it… I’ll donate 50 bucks to the Buzz if anyone can prove it’s not the case in South Natomas…

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