1. What in the world is wrong with people? Natomas has been NEGLECTED. Ray Tretheway has failed North Natomas residents. Who plastered his smiling face on the front of this ad? Why are we celebrating Natomas? Ray Tretheway should be recalled, not celebrated.

    I continue to be SHOCKED by how forgiving and compromising Natomas residents are. What about getting less cops than all other neighborhoods? What about the unstable levees and our flood insurance mandate? What about the lack of family venues? What about the weeds and unfinished parks and projects everywhere you look? What about our police substation we are paying for? Where’s our rec center?

    Dude where’s my city?

    What are you guys thinking?

    Protest the picnic and protest city hall! Stop celebrating. There’s nothing to celebrate!

  2. I will celebrate how much I love living in Natomas. And I know you aren’t going to like hearing this, but the critics are like my students at school – we want everything, and we want it yesterday. Whatever happened to hard work and patience? Yeah, those things are unpopular with my students too.

  3. Celebrate Natomas is nothing but a campaign event for Ray Trethaway and Heather Fargo, paid for with our tax dollars

    Fargo’s campaign will be out in force, she will be out there all day asking for your vote.

    What is there to Celebrate? I’ve seen Natomas turn into a ghetto over the last few years..crime soaring, housing prices plummeting, cars parked on lawns, graffiti everywhere etc, etc, etc… I don’t even feel safe going to the grocery store at night.

    There is nothing to celebrate in Natomas…Only the Greek Mob is celebrating the tens to hundreds of millions of dollars of profit they have pulled out of Natomas while we are taxed to subsidize their urban sprawl…

    Now they are annexing all the way up to Sutter County..the new North North Natomas…

  4. “I will celebrate how much I love living in Natomas.”

    Couldn’t have said it better ourselves ANONYMOUS.

    NATOMAS BUZZ is a celebration of life in Natomas — warts and all.

  5. I tend to agree with the Buzz, we certainly have issues here, but I think we have a better life here than in many other cities, can you imagine living in Modesto?? Or how about Florida, I would’nt live there if you paid me to. The housing, economic, environmental problems are huge there. We do need different leadership downtown, hopefully a bright young candidate can challange Ray T. I am sure Heather will be defeated in Nov. But it is a big guess if he can make things better.

  6. Why do we need a young candidate? I don’t care about their age.. I care about their integrity…Ray Trethaway like you to think he is an environmentalist, after all he loves trees and rides his bike to work…Well Ray Ray has approved of all the urban sprawl and mess that is now north Natomas and he is fast tracking hundred of permits before the moratorium takes effect…some environmentalist!!! watch what he does..not what he says…Ray Ray has slept while South Natomas has turned into a ghetto before our very eyes…while he worships at the alter of diversity…almost anyone picked out of the phone book at random would do a better job….the writing is on the wall for Mr. Trethaway…THIS IS YOUR LAST TERM go into retirement with Heather…buh bye

  7. Puhleez!

    What does this comment have to do with a family-friendly community event celebrating our neighborhood?

  8. It has EVERYTHING to do with it…but you cant grasp that can you…is this Rays wife?

  9. Uh, no.

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