T – A – C – K – Y

Ugh! Every time we drive through the intersection of Truxel Road and Arena Boulevard our senses are assaulted by the massive amount of street spam posted on the corner.

The reason for this particular neighborhood eyesore?

Apparently talks between business owners and the landlord for a Truxel Station shopping center marquee have failed and the tenants have resorted to using banners, sign spinners and temporary yard signs to advertise the location of their shops and eateries.

THE BUZZ would prefer a Truxel Station marquee over the street spam anyday!


  1. Speaking of tacky landscaping, how did the owners of this property get away with having mostly tons of bark. It’s very unsightly, and it faces Truxel. How about more plants and trees?

  2. Speaking of tacky landscaping, how did the property owners get away with tons of bark fronting Truxel? It’s very unsightly and not inviting. How about a few more plants and trees?

  3. Agree about the ugly bark, but isn’t that the right-of-way for the future light rail? Correct me if I’m wrong…

  4. Can you say – what would really be tacky would be light rail down Truxel. Please no! Putting it along I-5 to the airport is a much better idea.

  5. A lengthly discussion of why Truxel vs. I-5 can be found here:

    Essentially, you have to put lightrail where people live for them to ride it. The theory is that nobody who lives in Natomas would want to drive their car 10 minutes to a light rail station to park and then ride the rail.

  6. If I wanted lightrail running through my front yard, I’d go live downtown. What’s the use of living in lovely Natomas if it’s going to be ruined by tacky train tracks.

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