Opinion: Natomas Businesses & All That Crime

THE BUZZ read the Sac Bee’s story today Crime’s an issue, but Natomas business owners say they’re coping with interest… And we were disappointed.

Much of the article is a recap of previously reported stories about the home invasion and armed robberies a couple months ago.

According to the story, neighborhood businesses “have seen little impact” from area crime and that “most store managers and employees said they were more concerned about rents, the wobbly economy and shaky consumer confidence.”

Which businesses did the Bee interview? Reps from Merlot Marketing, Legal.Com and Hair Mania were quoted in the story.

Did the reporters talk to all the pizza joints that were held up at gunpoint? Oshima Sushi which has been robbed more than once? Jack’s Urban Eats and Y2K Nails which both have been broken into after hours and significant amounts of cash stolen? In N Out Burger which has had to close early when rushed by hundreds of young people (some with guns) after parties?

While we agree the economy is a concern, we can’t help but wonder: What was the point of this article?

Was it about crime? If so, why not interview people who have actually been victims of the types of crimes mentioned? Robbed, with guns kind of crimes. Why not talk to owners whose businesses have been robbed or burglarized? Did the two kids working at Straw Hat quit after two hooded thieves waved a shotgun in their faces?

The headline says businesses are “coping,” but security cameras and fences don’t always keep the criminals out. What are managers telling employees about being held up? Do they offer counseling after an employee has been robbed and their car stolen?

Was this article an attempt by the Sac Bee to show its readers the economy is hitting Natomas businesses hard? Because you’d pretty much have to be living under a rock to not know the economy is affecting businesses all over the region, not just our neighborhood.

Or was the point to show a correlation between the slowing economy and an increase in crime in Natomas? Oh, and we thought affordable housing was to blame.



  1. Anonymous says

    Scandal! This was so wrong not to talk to all the businesses that have been robbed out here! Ugh! They are getting an email from me

  2. I have requested a list from Sac PD asking for all crime reported by businesses in Natomas in the past 24 mos (burglary, robbery, vandalism–no shoplifting). I CC’d the Buzz on the email.

    Anyone who own a business please email myself of the Buzz and tell us of any crimes you have experienced as a business owner in Natomas in the past 24 months. The Buzz and I can then consolidate all reports and post on both our sites, as well as to the city of Sac and the Bee.

    If I can’t get the list I am going to start calling, emailing and visiting. I am outraged by the Bee’s article

    Let’s start speaking for ourselves

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