H. Allen Hight Opens To Traffic Woes

The elementary school half of the H. Allen Hight Learning Center in Creekside opened this past week with nearly 600 kindergarten through 5th graders enrolled!

Sac PD officers were on the scene early in the week to help parent drivers and commuters negotiate North Park Drive and East Commerce Way.

Sources tell THE BUZZ some changes need to be made to the roadway to not only improve pedestrian safety when crossing the street, but to make said crossings ADA compliant.

If you have been using North Park Drive as a shortcut around the Inderkum High School and American River Community College traffic, it’s no longer the best choice. School starts at 8:10 a.m.


  1. Can you imagine when the school is at full capacity – 2100 students. Not to mention across the street there will be a very large commercial development (look at the signs as you drive down (E. Commerce) with one two story parking structure and one three story parking structure. And then light rain (one day) will be coming down the street. What a mess. Who planned this anyway?

  2. I think you meant light rail coming down the street. I agree it will be a mess.

  3. Sometimes these comments perplex me, we live in a large urban area, what did you expect. There will be dense growth, the plan calls for it. There will be more apts, condos,commercial blds.,more trains,cars,houses,crime,smog, congestion,everything a city offers. The key is how well the planners do it, so far a failing grade. Del Paso looks like Sunrise Bl. There is no character to anything, we had a great opportunity to make N Natomas unique and special and instead we got what any suburb looks like. Is the Town Center still viable, Lewis Corp is a fraud, they want to build more low cost housing to replace the Town Center. Their Safeway Center looks horrible, all the empty and cheap take out establishments reflect poorly on the community, and the Safeway already looks worndown and dirty, I don’t trust them to manage more land use decisions.

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