So Much For Going Green

It’s a sad day when a city led by a mayor pushing to “go green,” which also happens to be the state capital, cannot sustain an environmentally friendly development project. And in Natomas no less.

The much ballyhoed partnership between the Sacramento Municipal Utility District and builder DR Horton has failed to generate any energy — so to speak.

When the Provence solar home project was announced less than a year ago in November 2007, a SMUD press release read in part:

Groundbreaking has begun and models are being constructed in the Provence neighborhood in Natomas.

Residents of these SolarSmart homes may save as much as 60 percent annually on their electric bills through the energy-efficient features and the solar roof tiles that generate electricity.

In addition to the built-in solar panels, SolarSmart homes also boast many energy efficiency measures to help customers reduce their bills year-round. The energy efficiency measures include efficient HVAC systems, radiant barriers in attics, added insulation, duct sealing and energy-efficient compact fluorescent lighting.

Today, the above mentioned “model” homes — found off East Commerce Way — sit empty behind wrought iron fence. The sales office is partially hidden by overgrown landscaping. THE BUZZ thinks we even saw a tumbleweed being blown down the abandoned streets of this landmark development project…


  1. Is it really surprising that this project failed? It’s an environmentally friendly project that’s not in a friendly environment. It’s right behind the I-5 food court, 3 hotels, etc. Plus you’ll get to hear the booming bass from cars waiting on East Commerce to get onto I-5 after every Kings game and concert. VERY, VERY unfriendly place to put homes. I laud the “environmentally friendly” attempt, but this project is a non-starter for other reasons.

  2. Anonymous says

    The above comment is right, too bad it was in that location, does anybody know why there are no curbs in that area, the streets look funny, and are not safe for walkers, the drains are in the middle of the road, but I guess if you build a bunch of fast food places, no need to make it better for bikes or walkers, any info. on the big tilt up buildings next to the unfinished homes??

  3. Anonymous says

    Maybe Fargo can convince some of her buddies over in Paris to move in!

  4. Anonymous says

    Replace Fargo. Recall Tretheway.

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