Seen In The Neighborhood

THE BUZZ followed the colorful red and yellow balloons to find Weinerschnitzel / Tastee Freez has opened for business.

While we like to see a business opening doors instead of closing (and the corn dogs aren’t half bad) we can’t help but wonder…

Did Natomas really need another chain, fast-food eatery?

Not to mention the location — behind the neighborhood IHOP — is not exactly primo real estate.


  1. Actually, Weinerschnitzel has a prime location. That food plaza is going gangbusters since its the first place to eat in Sacramento coming south on I-5 and I-99; it is always jammed with cars. I don’t like the super-tight bumpy access inside the food complex, but maybe that was designed to keep speeds down (and shoehorn in more lots).

    But you’re right about Natomas’ dearth of good restaurants. I think we may have every fast-food chain represented shortly. I’m crossing my fingers for an Arby’s, a Hardee’s, and a Wendy’s. I can feel my arteries constricting as I type.

  2. Anonymous says

    I’d like to see an El Pollo Loco closer than the one on Northgate…..

  3. Anonymous says

    somebody please convince Corti Brothers to relocate to Natomas and bring some respectability to the food market here! Enough of the cheezy, drive-thru fast food!

  4. Anonymous says

    On the same note, do we really need another in-n-out 2 miles from the other one? these food joints aren’t even built around your typical commercial use areas – shopping centers, etc. They force you to get in your car and drive to them, eat them in your car, and drive home to lay on the couch in a food coma. At this rate, Natomas is shaping up (literally) to be a very unhealthy neighborhood.

  5. Anonymous says

    A couple of weeks ago I saw a liquor license application in the window of what is eventually supposed to be Fresh and Easy Market. In the center on Del Paso Rd and East Commerce near Pizza Guys… I thought that was a few years out, but what is typically the timeline when the liquor licence app is posted? Anyone know?

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