Memba When…

You first drove into North Natomas and there was nothing to see for miles except billboards advertising all the new homes being built?

Now the billboards have been replaced with sign spinners — some advertising homes, but most promoting restaurants.

Do you think sign spinners are an affective form of advertising?


  1. Anonymous says

    I can barely read the signs when I’m driving by and the person is swinging the sign around their head and twirling it around their body. I personally don’t find it a useful marketing tool.

  2. They are eyesores! BUT I feel sorry for those poor people standing out there doing that in hellish Sac temps. Argh.

    If you ever see a motorist driving by a spinner waving at them or tossing one a Gatorade, that would be me :)


  3. I think it depends on what they’re pushing. If it’s Mr. Pickle dancing on the corner, fine. It’s a sandwich joint after all.

    If, however, it’s a higher ticket item like, say, houses, no thanks. I’m less likely to plunk 30 years of house payments into a company that’s depending on a sign twirler to get you in the door. They should leave the cheese to the sandwich folks.

  4. Anonymous says

    I kinda like seeing a few of the regular spinners around. There is one kid on Natomas and Club Center, just rockin’ out and having a good time. However, they aren’t that effective at selling me anything. Trixie

  5. I liked this summary of its effectiveness:

    Maybe they are what is killing SacBee’s ad revenue – or would that just be the sorry state of reporting there?

  6. Anonymous says

    Like another person said, I feel sorry for them. But it doesn’t at all affect my purchasing decisions. They’re distractions to drivers also & the traffic is bad enough here.

  7. Anonymous says

    They’re the offline equivalent of banner ads. I ignore with authority, and often, make an attempt to BAN whatever store or service is trying to use the service out of spite.

  8. Anonymous says

    I much prefer the constitutionally protected free speech of a sign spinner than the illegally placed signs on public property that promote everything from quarter-million dollar homes to get rich quick scams (a.k.a. street spam).

  9. Drivers and Pedestrians are put a risk with the sign twirlers standing on the edge of the curb at corners of busy intersections. Drivers turning the corners are subject to having the signs fly out of control hitting their cars and just last week (TWO) sign twirlers blocked the view of motorists at the corner. I was turning on a GREEN light onto Natomas Blvd from Del Paso and abruptly stopped when finding a young fellow was in the cross walk! ** Is their any regulations for sign twirlers to stand back from the edge of sidewalk?? Who enforces the conduct of the sign twirlers??

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