Arrest Made In Fort Natomas Fire

CBS13 is reporting the Sacramento City Fire Department says an arrest has been made in the Fort Natomas fire that destroyed a playground built by volunteers.

The Fort Natomas playground burned to the ground for the second time in two years early in the morning of May 26, 2008, enraging the local community. Residents and volunteers pitched in to plan to rebuild the playground, and city leaders offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to the culprit’s arrest.

Authorities are planning a press conference later tonight to give more information on the arrest.

July 21, 2008
For Immediate Release

Sacramento- This afternoon Sacramento Fire Department Arson Investigators arrested a 17 year old male for starting the fire that burned down the “Fort Natomas Community Playground” on May 26, 2008. Because of his age, his name is not being released.

At this time there is no connection between this suspect and whoever started the fire at the same playground on June 26, 2006. That case is still open and anyone with information about the 2006 fire can call the Sacramento Fire Departments Arson Tip Line at (916) 808-8732.


  1. Oh my God it is a MIRACLE!!!!!!!!! How awesome is this!???????

  2. Anonymous says

    Ok it’s not so awesome. They are saying a 17 year old Placer County kid who was visiting the area (WHO visits Natomas?) did it accidentally .. to keep warm.. in May. I must say this is the dodgiest story I have ever heard.

  3. Anonymous says

    Yeah, who travels from Placer to a small, local, elementary school campus/Fort Natomas in the middle of the night to “visit”?

    Also, news flash: its pretty warm in the night around Sacramento in the summer. I don’t think Sacramento has one single recorded frostbite incident in the months of June and July. Still, you have to give this kid credit for an original “rustic” excuse: it reminds me of the good ol days when hobos jumped on trains, holding a wooden stick with a red scarf tied to the end of it. Just a simple kid trying to stay warm at the park. How cute.

    Oh yeah: if it is that easy to completely demolish a fire-proof playground like Fort Natomas was with a simple “camp fire”, playgrounds like this would be exploding all over the country.

    Sorry kid, I think you are going down for this one.

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