Ding Dong, The Witch Is Gone

Even though we know it would be cheaper to shop at Safeway, THE BUZZ continues to frequent Raley’s.

What can we say? We’re creatures of habit — and convenience.

That being said, NATOMAS BUZZ readers may recall we have not been too pleased with the quality of customer service at our neighborhood grocery store.

In the last month, the store switched its play care hours to open an hour later and has discontinued its .10/gallon of gas discount at Aisle One (you can still get .25/gallon off if you buy more than $100 worth of groceries).

And shoppers were not notified of the above-mentioned changes until after the fact…

Imagine our delight, when we were told the store director had been transferred elsewhere and that Raley’s on Natomas Boulevard is now under new management! We’re also told some of the departmental management might also be changing.

This could be a good thing!


  1. Anonymous says

    This was news to me. I have never had a problem at Raley’s. In fact, about 5 months ago I sent their headquarters an email thanking them for the great service , friendly checkers, easy return policy, etc. It’s interesting how different people have different perceptions of businesses.

    Actually, Safeway is the one I have had issues with. I always have to bag my own groceries there and the clerks hardly acknowledge anyone.

    One thing about Raley’s though.. MAN are they expensive or what?? Worst part? UFCW union are the ones getting fat, not the employees, and definitely not us consumers.

  2. I love several people at Raley’s and have fired of many notes of thanks several times. But I have noticed that when they put in the self-check, many checkers seemed to lose their normal sparkle. It was like since that machine could do their job, why bother.

    By the way, the Java City will be gone by the end of July and switching to Peet’s. Maybe even earlier. The bakery folks will not make coffee anymore either so that should help with some consistency.

  3. Agreed, agreed. There are some very very nice people working at Raley’s who often go above and beyond the call of duty.

    But also agreed is the shift that took place when the self check out lanes went in…

    There is never a shortage of someone asking how your day is or what your plans are for the weekend, but it is frustrating to be waiting in line when there are store employees supervising said check-out lines and not checking out customers.

  4. Angelique says

    I love Safeway…

    Great people, reasonable prices (lots of deals all the time), great bakery and deli….

    Plus Starbucks, Jamba Juice and a gas discount!!!!

    Buzz – you should do a poll (just for fun):

    Safeway, Bel Air or Raleys?

  5. I only go to Raleys if I can’t face the parking lot at Safeway. The thing about Safeway – and this may seem like a stupid reason to shop there – I GET their aisle organization and don’t spend a lot of time lost.

    And, their organic/natural foods section is the most superior in the area without having to head midtown.

    The peops are nice at both places.

  6. Michalita says

    What is the qualitative difference between Raley’s and Bel-Air? Is it like the difference between Old Navy and the Gap? Even though I’m 2 miles from the Safeway at Del Paso and East Commerce, I go the extra distance to always shop at Bel-Air off of Del Paso. It’s never crowded, and the selection is so much better! I’ve been to Raley’s once or twice, and wasn’t feeling it.

  7. Anonymous says

    I shop at all of them. Always pleasant employees. Dislike all of the parking lots.

    My Natomas grocery life would be complete, however, if we had Trader Joe’s closer than Fulton/Marconi.

  8. Anonymous says

    My husband likes Safeway, I like Raley’s. It was our first local store and I still love it. Don’t care for Safeway, especially the level of service, there hasn’t been any for me. I used to bank inside and hated having to go into the parking lot and store. The BofA still hasn’t figured out how to be as safe as Wells Fargo and continues to get robbed. I’m not driving to the other side of the freeway for shopping. Not at $4.50 gallon!

    Oh Buzz, while shopping at Raley’s on 4th of July, I saw several managers acting as checkers (probably not wanting to pay the time and half to the employees!)

  9. This Gateway West resident loves his Bel Air store on Arena Blvd. However, last time I was at the Wal-Mart in West Sacramento, I decided to give their grocery section a try. HOLY CRAP, their food is sooooo much cheaper. I was happy to save money yet sad that there was such a huge difference. I want to support my neighborhood grocery store and its people, but the price differential is a force to be reckoned with. So many items I picked up are about half the price as Bel Air charges.

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