Corti Bros Demise

East Sac grocery Corti Bros has lost its lease and needs to find a new home brick-and-mortar home by October 2008…

Apparently, keeping Corti Bros in business is a high priority for Sactown’s Mayor Heather Fargo who has been bustling about to help find the store a new location.

THE BUZZ has an idea: Help Corti Bros locate to Natomas!

We all know there is plenty of available retail space in the neighborhood and Corti Bros would definitely have a niche market here. Not to mention little threat of competition seeing as Trader Joe’s doesn’t plan to open a store here anytime soon.

If NATOMAS BUZZ readers agree, why not send a little note to Corti Bros and Fargo to let them know they would be welcomed with open arms!


  1. Anonymous says

    This would be a dream come true! We need some quality specialty food shops around here and I love their store!!!!

  2. Anonymous says

    Does anybody know of the new market opening next to River City Bank on East Commerce, is it like a Trader Joes? Corti Bros is a neat market, but is unworthy of a city bail out, but hey, they bailed out I Max on K st and are spending millions in downtown construction,(more in legal wars with developers), what’s wrong with helping more private companies, even with a 200 million budget gap, a shake up in Nov. may be helpful, Fargo shouldn’t get a third term, can’t she just go away to her farm house in S. Natomas and leave us alone.

  3. OHH! The spot where the Trader Joes was maybe going, then maybe Fresh and Quick would be perfect. I think it’s about the same size as the current location. Plus since it’s vacant and has been- I bet they’d take a sweet deal to get a major tenant!

  4. Anonymous says

    Yes, if we could land Corti Bros. it would be great! However, I shudder to think that anyone would have to actually write a letter to Fargo encouraging them to come here, I pray to God she is seeing the opportunity and being proactive about this on her own. Even so, I’m ready to write her

  5. Yes, the market know of the new market opening next to River City Bank on East Commerce is like a Trader Joes. From their website “…our neighborhood sized stores are easily accessible and offer everything from everyday staples to gourmet items. Lots of fresh and wholesome food choices, including prepared meals and organic foods, make healthy eating easy and affordable.”

  6. Anonymous says

    Is that all Mayor Heather Fargo has to do? We’ve got almost uncontrolled crime in No. & So. Natomas & not enough police or firefighter presence, & she’s throwing her energy into relocating a high-end market?? Puh-leeze!

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