The Fix I-5 Is In…

THE BUZZ and family decided to brave I-5 south Sunday morning on our way to Old Sac for Father’s Day brunch.

As indicated on the Sac Bee’s online map, the freeway narrowed down to two lanes at Richards Boulevard and we were able to exit at J Street, loop around into Old Sac, and found street parking with ease.

Old Sac was nearly deserted at 10 a.m. and we wondered whether the partial freeway closure had any bearing on the lack of vehicle and foot traffic on the cobbled streets.

After brunch, however, Old Sac was bustling so we chalked up the quiet morning up to just that… A quiet morning.

Since the Fix I-5 freeway closure shifted this weekend from the northbound lanes to those southbound, THE BUZZ wants to know what Natomas-area commuters are experiencing.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I noticed a slowdown where I-5 south hits 80 with the increased number of vehicles taking the alternate route. This was at about 7AM today.

  2. This gets my vote for the most over-hyped “news” story of the year for our area. Drove to work today just fine.

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