Memba When…

… THE BUZZ posted about the unkempt appearance of the mothballed Natomas Meadows housing development?

Welp, a drive by this afternoon reveals what looks like a buzz cut by a weed eater.

Just in time for fire season!

If you haven’t seen the aftermath of the fire that burned out of control between I-5 and Creekside last week, the proximity of the ashes to homes is a little nerve wracking for this Natomas resident.

We can’t help but worry what’s going to happen when Sactown hits triple digit temps.


  1. Anonymous says

    We just heard from Pardee this evening about the market rate condo’s going in behind the inclusionary apartments now being constructed at this site. Another 120 units in a THREE story complex, YIPEE – NOT! At least they are for sale. No word from the developer on when we can expect the single family homes to get started up again.
    Look for a traffic signal to go up on Del Paso at Blackrock (on the side where the new apts are. More traffic – YEAH! Trixie

  2. Anonymous says

    I sent them a SCATHING email about a month ago demanding they clean the area up

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