Memo To "The Media"

In a former life, when THE BUZZ worked as a full-time newspaper reporter we always hated being lumped into that category “the media” because it usually meant whomever was referring to said media was probably saying something negative.

Now it’s our turn… THE BUZZ has been wondering — pretty much since the whole Monica Lewinsky debacle — how the media decides what to cover.

Natomas residents started a Yahoo! Group and e-mailing Sac PD officials in an effort to stay informed about area crimes not being covered by the media. This grassroots movement helped give birth to the NATOMAS BUZZ.

In the last week, two different Natomas women have been held up at gun point in their garages, in one case while children looked on (see Natomas Cops Log in right-hand column).

Have we seen anything about either of these incidents in the Sac Bee? On their Blog 9-1-1? On our local TV news? Were it not for this post right here, would you even be aware this is happening in our neighborhood?

THE BUZZ longs for the day when the Sac Bee had reporters assigned to cover individual neighborhoods (we had South Sac). Natomas residents live in what was then referred to as the “North Area,” a section of the paper which was published every other week.

Now we get the weekly North Sacramento section inserted in our paper every Thursday. Has anyone else noticed that rarely an item is published actually relevant to our neighborhood?

THE BUZZ thinks it’s great Natomas residents continue to rally, look out for one another, and keep each other informed about the goings on in our neighborhood…

Because no one else is doing it.


  1. It just adds fuel to Kevin Johnson’s grim crime statistics under Mayor Fargo. While I appreciate the push to get the PD to keep us informed is working and we should be pleased they are participating in the process, until there are enough officers on the streets to adequately serve ALL of us, we’ll continue to have this crime problem.

    The fact that this fellow is wantonly doing this in broad daylight is incredible. He will get more brazen and he will get someone in their car – and that person may not ever get home again. The police are very well aware of the MO of perps who commit crimes against women such as these.

    It needs to be reported, heavily, and taken seriously, immediately. Capt Hahn can report all the crimes he wants to the neighborhood, but until his force can actually start impacting the fact they are occurring, we should not let up on the City, the PD, or the SacBee.

  2. THE BUZZ believes the lack of media coverage about crimes throughout the Sacramento region only help PERPETUATE the “myth” that crime is not a problem and police coverage is adequate.

  3. I appreciate this post by the Buzz and Lori’s always-on-the-money comments.

    I have been reporting on crime since I started my site, and my “Natomas Under Siege” link is one of the most frequently hit. I have also established rapport with Paladin Security’s VP, as well as Sgt Matt Young at the PD, and exchange emails with both of them.

    I have also emailed Cpt. Hahn repeatedly and asked to be added to his list, but apparently my less-than-cheery commentary about crime in Natomas, and disapproval of his “crime is worse in other neighborhoods” comment, has got me 86’d from North Substation—which is really a bummer considering my wife and I have been homeowners in NP since its inception and paid a whole lot of taxes.

    I for one am not going to stop hollering until I see consistent and persistent positive change in this community. For seven years my wife and I and our neighbors have watched crime and other factors degrade the quality of life in this community, despite the premiums we are paying for more public safety.

    I am not going to make apologies for demanding a zero tolerance attitude towards crime. My son recently took a neighborhood girl up to NPE school to play. The girl had an accident because there are no public restrooms there. Three hoodlums (my son says there were about 18 yrs old), started harassing them. They chased them nearly all the way back to our house, taking pictures of them with their camera phones and taunting them the whole way. We searched for them for an hour to no avail. Lucky I didn’t find them.

    All that said, I agree EXPOSURE is everything Natomas residents do not realize how bad crime is. The police should be BEGGING bloggers to post their reports, not turning them away.

    Oh well, I am in it for the long haul. Glad to know you both and will keep on fighting for all of us, even if they don’t like my style. Serious problem needs serious language… and yes, better Bee reporting!

    Thanks for the article Buzz

    Take care out there ladies.


  4. Anonymous says

    I agree with the BUZZ that minimal crime coverage for Sacramento as a whole misleads citizens into thinking we are safer than we are AND hides the need for additional safety officers.

    We can all see multiple traffic violations every day, less obvious are the more serious crimes which aren’t being published to alert the public.

    I LOVE seeing police cars out there on the street but we need more of them ALL through Sacramento. I believe that unless everyone is safe, NO ONE is safe and we should all behave accordingly.

    It took multiple DUI deaths about a year ago before The Bee addressed the DUI issue at all. Is that what it will take to get coverage about the guy holding Mom’s & kids at gun point? I hope not!

  5. Anonymous says

    I have not received repeated emails from anyone requesting to be added to my email distribution list. Everyone that has requested to be on my list, I have added. I also have not “86’d” anyone from the North Substation. This is a public agency and crime information is public information. I would not with hold that from anyone – It is in the best interest of the community and the police department to have a knowledgeable community. To be frank, I’m a little surprised that someone would call my integrity into question because they disagreed with something I said or a comment I made – especially someone I have never met or talked with. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I am very dedicated to ensuring my communities (ie Natomas) are a great place to live. If anyone would like to be added to my email list, my contact information is 566-6401 or [email protected]. I would be happy to add anyone to the distribution list.

    Captain Daniel Hahn
    North Command
    3550 Marysville Blvd.
    Sacramento, CA 95838
    (916) 566-6401

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