For The Love Of Pete!

Not to beat a dead horse by bringing up I-5 yet again

…but it seems more and more like government agencies communicated better with commuters than with each other about the much-hyped Fix I-5 project.

Less than a week ago, a Sac Bee reader was the first to report the city had started prep work to close West El Camino Avenue to rebuild the canal bridge between Northgate and North Sacramento. The closure — reportedly scheduled prior to Fix I-5 — is set to go into effect tomorrow (that’s June 18) and will be closed into the fall.

Then comes a report from the city had planned to close the Sacramento bike trail June 19 and 20 (that’s this Thursday and Friday) for resurfacing. Apparently concerned citizens and inquiries from “the media” prompted the city to delay the closure until after the work on Interstate 5 is complete.

Isn’t it funny how both these untimely closures directly impact Natomas-area commuters, and their ability to use alternative routes in and out of the neighborhood?


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