A Look At North Natomas Burglaries

According to Sac PD Capt. Daniel Hahn, burglaries are down for this year as a whole for North Natomas but there has been a distinct spike in burglaries in the area in recent weeks.

As of May 21, there had been over 10 burglaries over a two-week period.

  • Most occurred north of Club Center Drive.
  • Almost all are during daylight hours.
  • 1/3 are via unlocked doors, windows etc.
  • Methods of entry consist of windows and a couple of pried sliding doors.
  • Things taken are usually TVs, DVDs, cameras, jewelry etc.

Capt. Hahn reports alarms, wooden dowels in sliding doors/windows, security cameras, and great neighbors all help to prevent and solve burglaries.

“As I have said before, neighbors who trust their instincts and call police or write down license plate numbers that just don’t seem right is what helps us catch the crooks,” he adds.

“You know what is out of place…This will probably be how we put an end to this latest spike in burglaries.” -Capt. Hahn

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