What Did YOU Think Of Tonight’s Mayoral Forum?

Anonymous wrote in to THE BUZZ:

“I was very disappointed that the organizers decided to change the format on the day of the event. The event went OKonce thing settled down, after Johnson appeared, but even still people came to hear Johnson only, not the other candidates. What was advertised is what should have been presented.”

THE BUZZ reader Charles Laver writes:

“The meeting tonight was revealing on many levels, of particular note was Chris Paros’ question on full inclusion housing to Fargo, of which she replied that no other council member wanted low income housing in their district, so North Natomas was the best spot for it and no votes could overturn it. Mr. Tretheway sat quietly by, (even more pathetic.) The whole city needs to share the burden of such housing.”

“Equally disturbing was Fargo’s contention of annexing the north area because the county will somehow improperly invade, why is there not a joint cooperation and better regional long term planning and can the city afford the proper level of services for such expansion? There were some good questions, but like all keen politicians, she blamed the city’s woes on state or federal revenue shortfalls or hurricane Katrina, anything other than her own shortcomings.”

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  1. Dismayed but not surprised. She told me what I suspected all along. We KNOW N Natomas is peppered with low income housing. We live it every day.

    Last weekend my 11 yr old son was at the park near the school with a friend in Natomas Park where I live. They got chased around by two wanna-be gang thugs (around 16 to 18 years old) with cell phone cameras taking pictures of them and acting drunk. My son came home very shaken up. We drove the area for an hour trying to find the perps. We didn’t find them (probably best given my blood pressure at the time), nor did we see a cop .. anywhere.

    When are N Natomas residents going to demand our supplemental taxes worth from our city?

    Time to hold our mayor and council accountable for protecting us!


  2. Anonymous says

    I thought the forum was very informative and feel that Fargo really knows the ins and out of Natomas. She knows all the progress we have made in such a short time. KJ came in late like a rock star and left early with the media and others flocking around him. I don’t think he is really focused on advocating for North Natomas as much as Fargo is. And I agree that our rapid growth has been the biggest challenge. I am not a KJ fan whatsoever.

  3. Fargo is all about pillaging North Natomas for downtowns gain. What progress are you talking about? The multitudes of low income apartments? The dozens of shuttered stores? The insufficient police and fire protection? The lack of adequate flood protection? The dozens of 50% complete parks?

    Id loved to hear how Fargo is ‘advocating’ for North Natomas. Ive neither seen nor heard of her even caring about us except to extent that we can generate more revenue to finance plans for other part of the city.

    She and Trethaway HAVE TO GO. They cannot be allowed to just let our once beautiful community get overrun by low income housing, crime and sprawl and pay no consequences. She continues to pull the classic political maneuver of acknowledging the issues but providing not even a glimpse of a viable solution.

  4. Anonymous says

    Joe and Greg – have you been to Rancho Cordova? Downtown? Greenhaven? Why do you choose to live in Natomas if you aren’t seeing all it has to offer. I love Natomas – north and south. Love how it has grown but it has been fast. The parks near me are completed. The police respond when we call them. I agree with many who say hold our city council accountable. They make her job impossible. The other guy wants to sell our city to the highest bidder. Let’s not privatize our city like he is privatizing his “schools”. Buyer beware.

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