We Asked, You Answered

Sac Bee…14%
Sac Biz Journal…3%
Natomas Journal…7%
N Magazine…7%

In a recent poll THE BUZZ asked “Where do YOU get news about North Natomas?”

We allowed readers to select and vote for as many news sources as they wanted to, and these were the results.

THE BUZZ wants to thank our readers for their support and helping keep us in the loop as things happen here in the neighborhood…

We couldn’t — and we wouldn’t — do it without you!


  1. Interesting results… But what would happen if The Bee polled its readers with the same question? Obviously it would skew their way, too, right?

    I’m not suggesting anything is dishonest about this poll — but if, for example, if a survey was conducted by telephone, I’m pretty sure all respondents would answer “Yes” to the question: “Do you have a telephone?”

  2. Keith,

    You make a good point and we hope the poll makes ours: There is not enough North Natomas coverage by the mainstream media.

    Our neighborhood is more than home to Arco Arena, but that’s about all making the news as of late.

    If anyone else but those who live here in North Natomas were paying attention, the Panhandle Project — which has been covered in the past — probably wouldn’t have gone unnoticed.

    The poll points out our neighbors do the best job keeping each other informed. THE BUZZ is just one of the tools they use in the process.


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