The List Keeps Getting Longer

More casualties of the local economy…

Butterfly Life

Natomas Pure Water

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  1. I had my doubts about “Butterfly Life” starting a month or two after it opened its doors, in part because it took me that long to figure out what the heck it even was.

    At first, I actually thought it was a remote sales office of a residential housing development. In my eye, the Butterfly Life logo resembled the Beazer Homes logo. Plus, driving by, I never saw anyone in it.

    I just discovered this blog ( that covers the Butterfly Life franchisee woes.

    And what was that “Natomas Pure Water”? A water filtration system store? I’m scratching my head here, thinking, “Who would drive by that place (because one would practically have to drive by, as there’s zero foot traffic there) and say, ‘Oh, yeah, I need to get some water filtration — how convenient!’?”

    Having owned (or co-owned) a couple of small businesses over the years, I can attest to how tough it is, in any economy. Even when things are good, so many factors come into play that can threaten the longevity of the business.

    I expect we’ll see even fewer of these types of franchises opening for a while. Without “bubble” inflated home equity, I predict would-be entrepreneurs will be much more cautious about investing in unproven franchise concepts.

  2. Anonymous says

    I agree – I mean do we really need a store selling water? No shock that these closed. I would argue they would have closed even in a great economy.

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