Commuters Be Prepared

The North Natomas Transportation Management Association released the following tips for commuters who plan to use their The Flyer shuttle service during the Fix I-5 freeway closures:

  • Make sure you know which route you are riding – WEST, CENTRAL or EAST.
  • Have you checked our website for your NEW pick-up/drop-off times? – Check schedule here.
  • Each shuttle will have temporary directional signage – WEST, CENTRAL, EAST in the windows.
  • The Shuttle Hotline will be updated when a shuttle will be more than 10 minutes late. Hotline- 552-0313.
  • During construction time, your shuttle could be the usual TMA logo’d shuttle, a plain white shuttle that is similar in size, or a shuttle that has Paratransit’s name on it. Look for the WEST, CENTRAL, EAST sign in the windows.
  • All shuttles are fitted with grab poles, overhead grab rails, and seatback grab bars that meet all state and federal requirements for standees on our vehicle types.
  • There may not be room for your bike on the shuttle bike rack, or your shuttle may not have a bike rack. We are disappointed about this as well.
  • If you don’t have a shuttle ticket, please carry correct change – $1 each ride.
  • A Spare The Air advisory will be issued when the forecast is for 150 AQI or higher. A notice will be posted inside each shuttle and you will NOT have to pay that day – either morning or evening. Our information comes from the Sacramento Air Quality Management District and we will abide by their call.
  • Your shuttle driver may get downtown and back any number of ways. Please respect the drivers and their decisions.

If you have been living under a rock, and know nothing about the Fix I-5 construction project, or the North Natomas’ expanded shuttle service, click here.

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