Breaking News: Suspect Arrested In North Natomas Murder

Earlier today Sac PD charged a 31-year-old man on suspicion of murdering a woman at the Homecoming Apartment complex earlier this month.

According to police Capt. Daniel Hahn, the suspect knew the victim and it was not a random attack.

“Many thanks need to go to some of the Leaders in the Creekside neighborhood and Homecoming Apartment management for their willingness and cooperation the day of this crime,” says Hahn. “Another tremendous help on this case was some video footage from a private residence security camera system.”

“This is what I talk about when I say working together is what makes a difference,” he adds. “Thank you Creekside community for your help on this crime!”

The Homecoming Apartment complex is located on Kokomo Drive in the Creekside development.


  1. This is outstanding news. Wonder why details are so hush hush though? Motive? Circumstances? Identity of the perp? What is with all the secrecy around this?

    Hey Bozz, question for you. Do you think citizens should feel “safe” in Natomas?

  2. Anonymous says

    Here is a few details. Dude was a maintenance worker there..


  3. Actually a maintenance worker found the victim. The suspect was not the maintenance worker.


  4. Ah got it. Thanks. Also, why do police state the suspect knew the victim? How is that relevant? It doesn’t change the fact she’s dead, the severity of the crime, or the fact that the bullet(s) could have flown into an innocent bystander’s home.

    Further, I find it concerning that there has been essentially no discussion about the woman who was murdered. She was one of our neighbors. Do we not even care who she was, Natomas? Just another “victim” in the stat book? Is everyone ok with that?

    If someone gives me her info and a picture I will be glad to honor her on my site.


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