Collision Ties Up Traffic

This SUV and Safeway.Com delivery truck had a bit of a disagreement around 1:30 p.m. this afternoon at the intersection of Natomas Boulevard and North Park Drive.

This is not the first collision at the busy crossroads in the Natomas Park development, but definitely a dramatic one from the looks of the damage to both vehicles — and the SUV’s final resting place.

It appears neither driver was injured.


  1. Anonymous says

    Wonder if one ran a red light or failed to yield the right of way?

    There is a reason for all those traffic laws that some of you like to ignore.

  2. Anonymous says

    I thought there were 2 Safeway trucks involved in that accident, right next to each other. Even though there’s a traffic signal there now, it’s still best to wait to make sure oncoming traffic stops before turning left on the green…

  3. Just saw these two vehicles. It’s possible a third suffered no damage and moved on, but Sac PD was still interviewing the drivers of the vehicles pictured at the time these photos were taken.

  4. The 2nd Safeway vehicle was transporting the groceries from the one that was in the accident. Wonder which car was going what direction.

  5. Thanks, Dean, for the info!

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