Big Spoon

North Natomas Little League has teamed up with Big Spoon Yogurt to present North Natomas Little League Day at Big Spoon Yogurt. Ed Jackson–the manager of the Natomas Big Spoon Yogurt has offered NNLL a Fundraiser at his store at the corner of Del Paso Rd and Natomas Blvd in the Raley’s Shopping Area on Thursday, May 29th from 11am thru 11pm. The attached flier has a map to the store and it says to present this card but ACTUALLY all you have to do to get the credit is TELL THE CASHIER YOU ARE WITH NORTH NATOMAS LITTLE LEAGUE!!!!

Big Spoon Yogurt will give NNLL at least 30% of what is made that day with a chance of going up to 40% very easily.

The way it works is like this:


0-100 cups of yogurt sold Big Spoon gives NNLL 30%

101-200 cups of yogurt sold Big Spoon gives NNLL 35%

Over 200 cups of yogurt sold Big Spoon gives NNLL 40%

Remember the times are from 11am to 11 pm–all day long. Please send this out to all of your players and friends alike and lets make Big Spoon Night one to remember!!!

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