The Votes Are In…

… And THE BUZZ is not declaring a clear winner in our version of the mayoral primary.

After a week of online “voting,” the poll results were as follows:

Heather Fargo
11 (32%)
Kevin Johnson
14 (41%)
Another candidate
9 (26%)

In order to be successful in the upcoming June 3 primary election, one candidate must receive a majority of votes cast.

If one candidate does not win a majority — 50% plus 1 — of the votes cast, the top-two vote receivers will be placed on the November 4 ballot for a runoff.

That candidate who receives the highest number of votes in the run off will be declared mayor elect.

THE BUZZ poll was not scientific in any way, but if it does mirror the manner in which Sacramentans who reside in Natomas will vote come June, it looks like there will be a runoff in November.

According to the Office of the City Clerk, eight individuals have qualified for the June 3 ballot. Unfortunately for voters, only two of the candidates (current Mayor Heather Fargo and Sacramento native Kevin Johnson) have provided statements.

The other candidates are: Richard Jones, Leonard Padilla, Muriel Strand, Shawn Eldredge, and Adam Daniel.


  1. Thank you so much for posting the actual election date! I couldn’t find it anywhere! Trixie

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