Is It Just Me?

Is it just me, or does our neighborhood Raley’s seem to be lacking something…

“In everything we do – from introducing new prepared foods to introducing a new store location – our customers come first.”

First, the store remodels to add a handful of self checkout lines ala discount chains Walmart and Home Depot.

More recently the store’s play care service was closed to shoppers because “someone called in sick.”

Due to union restrictions, none of the available employees could work the play care. Although, several could stand (ironically under the Customer Service sign) and chat, while a couple more watched customers check themselves out, and elsewhere in the store a manager supervised an employee as she stacked multi-colored, plastic tumblers for display purposes.

Earlier this week, THE BUZZ noticed the Customer Service counter had been dismantled and some sort of construction project underway.

We can only hope this means an improvement is in the works…


  1. Anonymous says

    You fail to realize that there isn’t only one union for a grocery store. There is a drug center union, grocery union,and a meat cutters union. Someone in grocery cannot work in drug center witch is the department play care is a part of. These policies are in place for a reason, would you want your kids to be watched by a grocery clerk not trained for the job? What if your kid started to choke on something? He would not know how to perform CPR.

  2. YOU failed to read our post… It clearly states “due to union restrictions.”

    THE BUZZ is very aware of the union hierarchy at Raley’s.

    What we don’t understand is why the store does not have a reliable backup in the event someone calls in sick — they used to!

    We have seen employees who work the Customer Service desk work childcare in recent weeks.

  3. Anonymous says

    Sounds like this was posted by a store employee.

    What’s the explanation of the reduced play care hours?

    Prices keep going up, yet services (can you say “self check out”?) keep going down.

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