Finally In The News: Bike-Riding Robber

Nearly a week later, the Sacramento Bee finally picked up the story about Natomas’ bike-riding robber. (A version of which was then picked up by the San Jose Mercury News.)

Interestingly enough, the police sketch accompanied the article, but not the suspect description. Also missing for the article is WHEN the three separate incidents occurred — as was pointed out by readers’ comments.

A flier created by a Regency Park resident is now circulating via e-mail. It includes information on all three robberies, the shooting that occurred, the suspect’s physical description and police sketch. Due to technical difficulties, THE BUZZ has been unable to post said flier for our readers…

If you missed THE BUZZ’s original post on this topic, however, you may click here. For good measure, we are including the sketch and full suspect description.

Male White Adult or Male Hispanic Adult, 25-30, 6’2”,
medium length hair, clean shaven, wearing a black stocking cap,
black fleece jacket, black rusty long-barreled revolver
and riding an older dark colored mountain bike

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