The Flyer Routes & Schedules To Change

The North Natomas Transportation Management Agency yesterday announced new Flyer commuter routes and schedules based on rider requests and need.

The planned changes are scheduled to take effect on Tuesday, Feb. 19. (Feb. 18 is a shuttle holiday.)

The Flyer Eastside Route will now continue up Gateway Park Boulevard to North Bend Drive instead of taking Blackrock Drive. This will eliminate the need for riders to cross Del Paso Boulevard.

There will be no changes to the Westside Route, but the schedule will change. Due to low ridership bot the last morning and the first evening shuttle loops will be discontinued.

Significant changes are in store for the Central Route that that will affect all riders, including:

  • A third loop will be offered both in the morning and the evening.
  • Route start times will change to allow commuters to arrive downtown earlier.
  • Service to the Club Center area will be discontinued as it duplicates Regional Transit’s route.

The North Natomas Transportation Management Agency encourages feedback from riders and can be reached by calling 419-9955 or e-mail.

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