Gee, That Sounds Like A Good Idea… Not!

The Sacramento Bee this morning is reporting city officials want to speed up the levee repair process in North Natomas.

Who doesn’t want the levees brought up to snuff as soon as possible?

As the US Corps of Engineers reminds us, any city protected by levees is at risk of flooding (and therefore its residents should all invest in flood insurance).

It goes without saying, Natomas’ protection from flooding is as good as its levees. Personally, we’re in it for the long haul so let’s focus on quality, not how fast we can get the job done.

In the meantime, the Army Corps clears up a rumor circulating about the levees’ current condition:

Reported by the Associated Press, 15 January 2007

“Levees protecting a sprawling north of downtown (Sacramento) are so weak that water from the Sacramento River is seeping through …”

FACT: The water is not currently seeping through the levee, but would be expected to do so in a major flood event.


  1. In the article, it appeared that the council was more concerned about lost revenue than safety. Surely that can’t be true…?

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