Natomas Meadows & The Willow Glen Apartments

The housing market got so bad Pardee Homes mothballed its 660-home Natomas project in early November.

But just down the block, beyond the builder’s vacant model homes, construction is already under way on its Willow Glen Apartment complex.

Pardee is going forward with plans to finish the 135-unit apartment complex at its Natomas site to meet affordable housing requirements.

The financing of Willow Glen Apartments was complete Sept. 27 and building permits issued on Dec. 11 by the City of Sacramento. While the builder has a two-year deadline to complete the low-income housing project, inclusionary housing rules require the apartments be done before all the market rate homes are complete.

Although market conditions led to the single-family home project’s temporary (?) demise, officials from apartment management company, Chelsea, do not expect the slowdown to have a negative impact on Willow Glen. In fact, Chelsea representatives plan to visit the area this spring to begin a marketing campaign.

Chelsea representatives were scheduled to meet with Natomas-area community members on Feb. 6 — just prior to a Feb. 9 groundbreaking ceremony. It’s anyone’s guess why the community meeting was canceled, but some area residents suspect flood publicity put a damper on the groundbreaking festivities.

Perhaps, fear of retribution for building low-income apartments in a flood zone, but not market rate homes? The apartments are scheduled to be complete in December 2008.

Click here for a map of all Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency-subsidized apartments in North Natomas. On it you’ll find not only the names and locations, but also the number of units that are set aside for “low” and “very low” income residents. The map was compiled using information found on the SHRA website.


  1. What happened to the Willow Glen Apartments in Natomas? SHRA dropped the ball? I still cannot call the offices to get housing there. What is happening over there? This does not look good for the Sacramento area whatsoever!!! I am so very disappointed because I am on the list! HELP!!!

  2. Can someone please notify me when something, ANYTHING is done so I can move in please?

  3. Anonymous says

    DO NOT MOVE HERE! When we first moved in it was wonderful! Then it got hotter and the kids got out of school! It’s like living in a zoo! kids riding there bikes everywhere people including young children screeming till 4 in the morning not just on weekends but weekdays also… what the hell are they doing out?? Where are there parents?!?!! The cops and security are here EVERYNIGHT! The kids shoot at cars with BB GUNS and AirSoft Guns! They Gamble in the halls and roll blunts! The pool is always filled with the same poeple with kids as young as 5 saying words they have no buisness saying. They Count Large amount of money in the stairwells. You can’t even go up and down the stairs without having 10 people move. sometimes they don’t even move! They just switcheed management! My sink has been broken for a month! A MONTH! This is not a place to raise you kids or live. I’ve heard 5 people say. WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE!

  4. OMG!! All this time I thought I was waiting for an apartment that would be the answer to what I was looking for. How dreadful! The comments I just read reminded me of someone who lives in the PROJECTS! And the Management! What the hell are they getting paid to do? Did anyone REPORT them to HOUSING yet? The only way to get people’s attention is to report the problems, seriously. Once this goes PUBLIC…things will definately change. I should be the manager there. I could get that place in order.

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