Why Not? 12 Ways to Improve Your Neighborhood … Right Now!

I really like this publication from the City of Sacramento’s Neighborhood Services Department for Area 4 (a.k.a. North Natomas).

The list is intended for area residents who have never personally taken steps to prevent crime in their neighborhood.

Some of the tips, such as report crime promptly, seem to go without saying. But it’s easy to think someone else will call when you spot something that looks suspicious. This is why I have the telephone number for Paladin Security programmed into my cellular phone. Now I have no excuse not to call in, even if I am on my way OUT of the neighborhood.

THE BUZZ has written about a couple other tips – remember making a list of neighbors and landlords on your block? Also on the list, and something we have started doing in recent months, is leave the porch light on at night, which has proven to reduce crime.

I cringed when reading pick up litter near your home, even if you didn’t put it there. I still haven’t gotten to all the debris that blew into our bushes during the Jan. 4 mini-tornado. I would blame it on all the wet weather, but that’s just lame.

My favorite item of the 12, however, has to be “stay where you are.” I have said farewell to my share of neighbors since moving to North Natomas in 2001 for a variety of reasons, but I have to agree with the Neighborhood Services Department on this one:

“Stable neighborhoods are built on the commitment of long-term residents who would rather live in a healthy community than move to a bigger house. Community reach stability when conscientious citizens allow their roots to grow deep and help transform a geographic area that exists as a “neighborhood” in name only, into a real community of involved people. Please, stay and help.”

Right now!

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