Homeless to Be Counted Tonight in Sacramento County

The Sacramento County Department of Human Assistance along with other government, law enforcement, and community agencies are scheduled to conduct a survey of unsheltered homeless later today, in the evening hours.

As a condition of receiving federal Department of Housing and Urban Development funding, counties are required to conduct a “point in time” count of homeless individuals during the last seven days of January.

The Department of Human Assistance receives approximately $13.5 million in federal funding annually to provide housing and services for formerly homeless persons.

Tonight’s count will help the Department of Human Assistance determine the number of unsheltered homeless in Sacramento County.

This information will help with planning shelter, transitional living or permanent supportive housing; determining the kinds of services the homeless need; and provide data for the 10-Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness.

The community-wide effort will team the Department of Human Assistance, Sacramento County Sheriff Department, Sacramento City Police Department, Citrus Heights Police Department, Rancho Cordova Police Department, Folsom Police Department, the Regional Transit Police Department, Downtown Partnership Guides, Sacramento County Park Rangers and Sacramento City Park Rangers.

More than 400 people have also volunteered to help with the survey including employees from the county, City of Sacramento, emergency shelters and dozens of other agencies.

Click here to read a report of last year’s count.


  1. Interesting that last years report indicates that 74% of homeless have at least one disability (drugs, alcohol, mental illness), yet the “10-year-plan-to-end-homelessness” will basically allow the to take up residence in any apartment complex without any type of services in place for them. So no assistance for them and no protection for the others…

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